The land behind the poultry house is much cleaner

Mr and Mrs Van Heerikhuizen are the owners of a poultry farm in Holland with 50.000 laying hens. They have an air scrubber in compliance with the European regulations and a manure drying system. Nowadays they sell the dried manure instead of having to pay for it.

Van Heerikhuizen
Van Heerikhuizen Poultry farmer in Lunteren, Netherlands

In order to meet the European regulations regarding emission reduction Mr and Mrs Van Heerikhuizen purchased the EcoFriend® biological air scrubber. They also have the manure drying system Classic®. This system offers a lucrative solution for the disposal of manure.

Reduction of ammonia, fine dust and odour

With the EcoFriend® biological air scrubber, Mr and Mrs Van Heerikhuize reduce the amount of ammonia with at least 70%.  The reduction of fine dust and odour has a positive influence on the environment. Mr. Van Heerikhuize: ‘’The land behind the poultry house is much cleaner after we placed the air scrubber. The grass was always white from dust from the poultry house. Now the grass is green again.’’ The air scrubber offers great opportunity for those who want or need to reduce ammonia, fine dust and odour.

Solution for lucrative manure disposal  

Mr and Mrs Van Heerikhuize also have the manure drying systems Classic® for efficient manure drying. Dry manure weighs less and is therefore much cheaper to dispose of. It became a lucrative business as they now sell the dry manure as fertilizer. Mr Van Heerikhuize: ‘’The disposal of wet manure is expensive. That is why we decided to purchase a manure drying system. Now we receive money for the manure instead of paying for it.’’ The manure drying system Classic dries manure during all seasons with minimal energy costs. The system reaches a dry matter content of 85% and reduces fine dust with 30%.



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