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Tobias Dahlblom is owner of a poultry farm located in the village Pörtom, Finland. His 24.000 laying hens produce consumption eggs. Eggs ended up in anywhere but in the laying nests. Tobias contacted the poultry specialist of Jansen Poultry Equipment.

Tobias Dahlblom
Tobias Dahlblom Poultry farmer in Pörtom, Finland

The poultry specialist visited the farm and found some important factors influencing the production. Adjustments were suggested. Changes were made to the water pressure, ventilation, lightning schedule and the feed schedule.

Nowadays Tobias Dahlblom has excellent production results. The packaging company labels 98% of his eggs as first class eggs. Tobias also got a license to pack the eggs himself. He now supplies directly to bakeries, supermarkets and other shops.

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