SPACE 2019

Complete solutions for layer production

During SPACE 2019, Jansen Poultry Equipment presents various solutions to achieve maximum production of high quality consumption-eggs. All our systems are designed to stimulate the natural behaviour of the hens and at the same time ensure ease of use for the poultry farmer.

Step 1: Excellent trained pullets
The key to optimum performance of laying hens in an aviary system starts with the right training. The rearing systems of Jansen Poultry Equipment train the pullets to move naturally through an aviary system. The systems are fully adaptable to the age and needs of the young hens for optimum development into first-class laying hens.

Step 2: An aviary system that meets the needs of the laying hen
The Comfort 2.0 aviary system is specially designed to stimulate the natural behaviour of the layers so that they perform optimally. The open system consists of several levels and integrated laying nests. The nest offers layers a comfortable and hygienic environment for laying eggs. The design and the materials used ensure maximum egg production of excellent quality.

Step 3: Careful processing of eggs
Eggs produced with the greatest care must be transported with the same care. With its unique, flexible rods and takeovers, the FlexBelt egg conveyor ensures that egg quality is preserved. The open construction guarantees optimum working comfort and clean, hygienic eggs. In addition, the various options for curves and corner dimensions make the FlexBelt suitable for any space.

Come meet our team during SPACE 2019 and find out what Jansen Poultry Equipment can do to maximize your poultry production. We are looking forward seeing you at booth H10 – E111.

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  • OrganisationSPACE
  • WhereBruz, FR
  • When10 September 2019 - 13 September 2019
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