Autoshov® litter removal system

Looking for a way to reduce labour, ammonia, fine dust and floor eggs in your aviary or broiler breeder house? Then the AutoShov litter removal system is the perfect solution for you!

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Looking for a way to reduce labour, ammonia, fine dust and floor eggs in your aviary or broiler breeder house? Then the AutoShov litter removal system is the perfect solution for you!

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  • Improves climate Over time a mixture of litter and manure builds up underneath your aviary system or in your broiler breeder house and becomes a thick, hard mass that is difficult to remove. After a while it starts to produce ammonia, which affects the health of the hens by causing respiratory problems. That’s why Jansen Poultry Equipment developed the AutoShov litter removal system.
  • Saves labour The AutoShov can be turned on every day and easily removes excess litter from under the system and drops it on a cross conveyor belt at the end of the system. By doing this, the litter stays loose and the manure is removed out of the house, resulting in a 20% reduction of ammonia and fine dust. Besides this, the AutoShov saves you a lot of hard work by loosening the litter every day.
  • Reduces floor eggs An additional feature of the AutoShov is a program for the reduction of floor eggs, which can be turned on during the laying period. The sliders move back and forth (without removing the litter), thereby discouraging the hens to lay their eggs underneath the system, which results in a significant reduction of floor eggs.
  • Little maintenance The sliders of the AutoShov litter removal system move automatically through the house with the help of a steel cable and motor unit. Each circuit has a litter slider every 5 metres and multiple circuits can be operated by one control panel. Each slider has a pivot point that’s located above the litter level, ensuring that the slider doesn’t get stuck and glides properly over the litter when returning in the original position or standing still. A safety device ensures that the system only works with a running manure belt and because the essential elements are made of stainless steel, the AutoShov litter removal system needs little maintenance.
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Tobias Dahlblom is owner of a poultry farm located in the village Pörtom, Finland. His 24.000 laying hens produce consumption eggs. Eggs ended up in anywhere but in the laying nests. Tobias contacted the poultry specialist of Jansen Poultry Equipment.

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