Detoxing housing systems from Fipronil with hydrogen peroxide

The Dutch GD Animal Health advises to clean empty poultry houses and systems with 15% or 30% hydrogen peroxide or a stabilised product of IntraHydrocare.

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Thursday, August 3, we won’t be available from 13.30 hours. From that moment, the power will be shut down due to the construction of our new logistics center. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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Aviary systems presented during IPPE 2017!

Aviary systems: inspired by layers, designed for farmers
Looking for alternative solutions for production of consumption eggs that still allows optimal production results? Jansen Poultry Equipment welcomes you at booth 8059 hall B during the IPPE Atlanta 2017 for the introduction of its Comfort 2 aviary system and NivoVaria rearing system. Both systems belong to an integrated solution for optimal production of quality consumption eggs and enable practical management tools for the farmer. Together with the Poultry Management service that the company offers customers, optimal results are guaranteed!

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Introduction new aviary system AviaView

Jansen Poultry Equipment is proud to introduce its new aviary system called AviaView.
This aviary system gives a good overview and allows easy inspection of the birds and nests through integrated walkways.

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Succesfull EuroTier

Jansen Poultry Equipment looks back on a very successful EuroTier 2016 in Hannover, Germany.

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