Midwest Poultry Federation Convention

Welcome at the Midwest Poultry show!
We will highlight the latest innovations for housing of layers.

For example the NivoVaria® rearing system and Comfort 2® aviary system.

NivoVaria rearing system: ‘Well-trained aviary pullets’
Essential for good results in layer production is the rearing of the young pullets. Training of pullets is essential for their future life in an aviary system as feed, water and laying nests are located at various heights. Our special rearing systems train pullets to move and negotiate between different levels.

Comfort 2 aviary system: ‘Inspired by layers, designed for farmers’
Jansen Poultry Equipment has already more than a decade experience in aviary systems for layers. The Comfort 2 aviary system is inspired by layers and designed for farmers as it meets the needs of layers and enables practical management for the farmer. Good overview on birds and nests simplifies daily inspection of the house. The well-designed and attractive laying nest result in a minimum of out-side nest eggs.

We are looking forward meeting you during the Midwest show!

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Event details

  • OrganisationMidwest Poultry Federation
  • WhereMinneapolis, US
  • When13 March 2018 - 17 March 2018
  • Region
  • Contact personHerb Jansen
  • NivoVaria rearing system for well trained pullets
  • Comfort 2 aviary system

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